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who we are

Our founder and creator of Showmyprofits is Erik Repich. While he was working with Worldwide Brands, Inc., a product sourcing specialist company, Erik realized that their had to be a better way of pricing products. He coded and made the Product Sourcing Tool for them. Having several successful internet businesses he found it frustrating when after getting suppliers and setting up the accounts he spent countless hours calculating pricing of the product to sell.

Out of Erik's own frustration of these countless hours of pricing, he created a simple tool for himself to do this work for him, much simpler and faster. He then packaged the tool to help everyone else who was looking for the same thing that had purchased from Worldiwide Brands..


Our tool integrates Profit Smart Technology technology with every product search. We developed that technology
working within and as a Member of eBay's Certified Developer's Program, as a Member of Amazon Associates Program and as
a member of the Commission Junction Program all together to get these results.  

We have been in business and tweaking the tool for over five years now making it better and better. We are a Texas based corporation.
If you have any product questions before or after purchasing feel free to contact me directly at